Trifermed was born in 2002 with the aim of developing the best methodology for partnering in life sciences. It took over 10 years to achieve the best understanding of the partnering  process, including validation with more than 120 managed deals. Today trifermed can offer good practices in partnering project management for life sciences stakeholders all around the World.


All the know-how developed at trifermed has been shared under academy programs in order to support all the existing stakeholders, including Universities, to improve their success ratios by implementing the best practices in partnering.


The need for additional expertise in partnering teams to move forward on the life sciences value chain inspired trifermed to start an alliance of services providers that guarantees the best understanding and coordination in response to any request.

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  • "We have been working with Trifermed for more than 6 years now, and our relationship has been most pleasant and fruitful. Prevtec Microbia is a biotech company in animal health and our 5-year business plan then called for launching 3 products, in 12 countries over 4 continents. Today, Prevtec has a global presence and Trifermed was instrumental in our international business development, helping us to sign distribution agreements with large pharmaceutical companies in various parts of the world.”

    Michel Fortin, President CEO, Prevtec Microbia, Canada
  • "Cipher was seeking to expand the market for our tramadol product into Latin America and engaged Trifermed for assistance based on the recommendation from a former client. The combination of Trifermed's business network, local market knowledge and project management expertise was instrumental in the successful licensing of our product to one to the top pharmaceutical companies in the region. The Trifermed team proved to be very responsive, persistent and eager to help us achieve our goal."

    Peter Weiler, Senior Director, Portfolio Development, Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc., Canada
  • "I would rate the activity of the Trifermed's team at 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend Trifermed to others, Trifermed's team has managed to get excellent results right from the beginning by presenting the USP of our products to the largest Global Pharma companies."

    Nitzan Primor, Owner and head pharmacist, Naveh-Pharma, Israel
  • "Trifermed is a dynamic team focused on finding creative solutions in business development. The team’s ability to fully understand the challenges faced by their customers allows them to bring forward innovative and effective solutions in everyone’s best interests. Trifermed’s flexible business model, creative thinking and understanding of cultural diversities in just what is needed to bring deals together. I truly trust they will work until they find the exact partner I am seeking to expand my business."

    Mr. Raymond Hébert, Director Business Development, Duchesnay Inc., Canada
  • "I have been impressed by the level of detail and commitment that Trifermed achieves in their clients´projects, fulfilling all needs and expectations."

    Mr. Robert R. Pieterse, International Sales & Marketing Director, Laclede International Ltd.
  • "Trifermed´s business model works on a results-based approach considerably reducing financial risk. This gave us the needed reassurance to work with them."

    Mr. J. L. Díaz, International Dept. & Key, Accounts Director, Alcalá Farma S.L., Spain
  • "Trifermed has been a key partner in achieving our objectives in European countries, by contributing to our international expansion."

    Mr. Paul Phull, Vice President Business Development, Sinclair Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
  • "In our professional relationship, we found that Trifermed is a company that is distinguished by its intimate knowledge of the market, its interest and dynamism and, above all, its ability to bring off business deals. Dr. Sergi Trilla personifies Trifermed’s qualities, transforming them into productivity and professionalism."

    Mr. Custodio Castro, Director General, Melora Portuguesa, Portugal
  • "We recognize the wisdom, honesty and high levels of commitment in business relations and service of Trifermed as a Company and those people who are part of it."

    Alberto Langoni Cirese, President & General Director, Laboratorios Armstrong de Mexico, SA de CV, Mexico
  • "Trifermed ensured that they understood our business in depth, and then rapidly took it to a new level – they focus on solutions from the word go."

    Zain Dawoodi, President, Ladysystems International, United Kingdom
  • "Theramex had the opportunity to collaborate with Trifermed for business development purposes in Mexico and Spain. In both cases we saw that Trifermed was proactive and our relationship was fully up to expectations. Thanks to Trifermed’s expertise, we achieved our targets within the time period requested."

    Daniel Abgrall, Licensing and International Affairs, Theramex, Monaco
  • "Trifermed has reinforced our company’s portfolio with optimal results, achieving agreements for innovative products with high market potential."

    Dr. Ramon Roca, Vice President, Laboratorios Inibsa, Spain
  • "Trifermed is the most professional company we have worked with in Business Development, both for in and out licensing. A business partner of professional excellence and ethics. An ideal company with which to work."

    Juan Matji de Arroquia, CCEO, Industrial Farmaceutica Cantabria (IFC), Spain
  • "Trifermed is extremely useful because it covers the technology transfer area, contributing know-how, contacts and, above all, rapid adaptation to the industry’s changing scenarios. It has become a travelling companion, prepared to share the risk of the project."

    Dr. Jordi Julve, CEO, Laboratorios Salvat, Spain
  • "We have never experienced such a professional consulting service in Mexico. Trifermed is the best choice to establishing a company successfully in Latin America."

    Mr. Toshiyaki Sato, Business Development International, Sankyo CO. Ltd., Japan
  • "It will always be a guaranteed success working with excellent professionals, where the human quality of its people are the same level as their abilities."

    Enrique Vázquez Tatay, President & CEO, Neocodex, Spain
  • "Full of responsive, highly supportive and result oriented colleagues that I like to exchange ideas and collaborate with." "Thank you very much."

    Seyda Caskurlu, Business Development Manager, Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • "Trifermed is an extremely reliable business partner that is able to apply an excellent model of profit sharing that is based on a deep understanding of the project, a thorough guidance and acquaintance with the most matching party among the many contacts they've gathered over the years. Its a real pleasure to collaborate with such a trustworthy and professional team!"

    Rinat Dahan, Business Development Manager, Taro Pharmaceutical Industries, Israel
  • "When seeking new business opportunities one of the most efficient way to achieve your target is to make use of the expertise of professionals in this field. Trifermed's people meet all these requirements. They have sound knowledge of the pharmaceutical markets, trends and needs, scientific background to understand the products, and moreover they are fully constructive in negotiating and concluding a deal."

    Prof. Dr. Gerhard J. Strugala, Director Business and Product Development, Apogepha, Germany
  • "Our experience of the cooperation with Trifermed has always been very positive and the contribution of Trifermed to our International business has been on a large scale operations. The competence, the expertise and the skill: always on a very high level. Moreover, the working atmosphere very open, friendly amicable and problem solving."

    Carlo Fornara, President, Dermogyn Srl, Italy
  • "Trifermed helped us to identify a European Pharma company for marketing and distribution of Alkalon’s nicotine gum portfolio. The Trifermed team, and in particular Mario Schäfer, was very proactive during the whole negotiation process and today Alkalon continues to use Trifermed’s services in markets outside Europe."

    Bo Tandrup, Chief Executive Officer, Alkalon, Denmark
  • "Trifermed has helped our company to refocus our business model and commercial strategy, and has helped us to create a methodology for business development"."

    Rosendo Garganta Laria, Chief Executive Officer, Devicare, Spain
  • "Trifermed, for its reputation as a project management service provider, has been invited to transmit its knowledge and expertise in partnering in Emerging Markets in the International Pharma Licensing Symposium. For its training and networking possibilities, the IPLS frequently attracts decision makers of the pharmaceutical industry from North America, Europe and Asia. The venue in Dublin has been the 11th edition of the event."

    Dr. Thomas Högn, Chairman European Pharma Licensing Group Council
  • Need for Business Partnering in a Global World.
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