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  • “Business development is an area which, I personally believe, always needs certain support and advice in order to know what is happening in the market and to be able to count on trains of thought that allow you to idealize models that are viable for your company and for those that you aspire to have as “travel companions”. trifermedCBDO, in my professional experience working with them, can give you this help, knowledge and capacity to see new ways to focus on a possible agreement, that add to those that you have in your organization and that end up taking shape in a new and different way of maximizing the assets of the company for which you work.“

    Israel García Crespo, National Customer Manager and member of the Direction Committee of the Pharma Business Boehringer-Ingelheim, Spain
  • "Pharmacelera is a software company for Computer-Aided Drug Design. We were put in contact with Trifermed through a start-up acceleration program and people from their team acted as our business model mentors. Through the professional guidance of Trifermed, we have been able to improve our value proposition and to establish links with relevant stakeholders from the pharma industry. We are very grateful for Trifermed's help and we will definitely continue strenghtening our relationship with them."

    Enric Gibert, CEO, Pharmacelera, Spain
  • "We have been working with Trifermed for more than 6 years now, and our relationship has been most pleasant and fruitful. Prevtec Microbia is a biotech company in animal health and our 5-year business plan then called for launching 3 products, in 12 countries over 4 continents. Today, Prevtec has a global presence and Trifermed was instrumental in our international business development, helping us to sign distribution agreements with large pharmaceutical companies in various parts of the world.”

    Michel Fortin, President CEO, Prevtec Microbia, Canada

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